Monthly Archives: March 2003


[img STFU] just got into a big blow up fight with my crazy ass fuckhead of a roommate (the other three are cool, just this one crazy motherfucker). We almost threw down on the front lawn, seriously. *sigh* I need to just calm the fuck down at this point. Doesn’t it blow how just one…
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My roommate…

Just got back from the bars. To finish off the night, had a couple of (shots?) of sake from a bottle Yu Jia had brought over a few months ago. While the bouncer at one bar in particular always recognizes me and waves me in, without fail, he always cards Steph. It’s bizarre, since we…
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The Draft

I know this is rather old news, but I had wanted to mention something about it for some time, and with the current situation in Iraq now seemed as good a time as ever. As some of you may know, on January 7th, 2003, Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) introduced into congress a bill which proposed…
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okay, so this is taking a little bit longer than i thought. i’ll post something of substance tommorrow, i promise! 3:11 am

Update enroute!

an update is on its way… and let me warn you, it’s a doozy. I’ve been typing for the past 3 hours! Should be up before midnight. 10:57 pm

Blah blah

Finished my comm arts and physics test. Now busting out some ridiculous 2 page paper about god-knows-what. I am also stuck using a crappy mac. *shakes fists in fury* Nice long update tommorrow, I promise. Now listening to: my youth steadily flushing down the drain while I slog through pointless busy work. 10:23 pm

Dance Floor Stereotypes

Somebody sent me this via e-mail. It’s from It’s 3am: time to scan the room for that ‘right’ person. So who’s out there? TheSite presents your guide to dance floor stereotypes. DJ wannabes – dressed like a DJ, with the attitude of a DJ… but not a DJ. Usually found hovering near the sides…
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Violin Trance

It’s like trance… only with violins. Great stuff.

Roommates suck

*sigh* roommates suck sometimes. More about my space-cadet pot smoking misogynistic roommate later. Right now, I’m seriously in need of a stiff drink. So I’m off to the bars. Now listening to: “Jonathan Wong: Precursor to a Union” This is from Southern Sun’s homepage. I believe he mixed it himself. You should all go over…
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