Monthly Archives: April 2003

Happy Birthday Joe!

Friday was Joe’s birthday. His 21st birthday, to be exact. Joe, excited by the prospects of finally being able to find out what alcohol tastes like…! decided to celebrate in the classic desultory manner of all good Madison college students (hah ha! i just wanted to bust out the word ‘desultory’…) by getting hammered to…
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Slowly recovering from the psuedo-SARS, after having left work early yesterday and cancelling all of my appointments for today (like i really have that much of a social calender…!) I’ll put up pictures of Joe’s birthday party (all the more to help him remember with) soon, or at least the pics i took for the…
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Sick. So sick….

still so sick…… uhghghhh…oohhhhh…. *rolls over and pulls blankets on top of head, trying not to notice how beautiful it is outside* 8:08 pm

Friday morning Ryoko Hirosue montage

Nothing starts Friday off better than gratuitous shots of Ryoko Hirosue… (I swear every japanese ‘idol’ has done at least a million pictures with this pose.) And, as long as we’re posting up (sexy?) pictures, Bill wasn’t feeling the love and insisted i put his big pasty white ass (mercifully concealed by some baggy jeans)…
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Squat Toilet

anyway, if you hang around me long enough, chances are you’ve probably heard the deadly trilogy of my japanese toilet experiences (two washiki and one evil Toto robotoilet from hell). For those of you who’ve never seen a squat toilet and don’t get how it all might have gone down (so to speak), please watch…
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For those who take their action raw…? Sometimes, when you’re sick as hell, the only thing that will make you feel better is French action super star Jean Reno. God bless him, Luc Besson and the rest of the hardworking men and women who devote their lives to producing that particular brand of Eurotrashy action…
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TB Negative but still sick

i may be TB negative, but i am sick as a dog. of course, just as spring rolls around too…. with two tests today… unable to move more than a few feet except to roll back into bed, so bear with me until i can write something interesting. 12:27 pm

TB Negative

I am TB negative. *spins fingers around in universal “whoo-hoo” sound* 11:28 pm