Monthly Archives: December 2003


This being winterbreak, naturally my sleep cycle has become totally disrupted. The first day of my break I made the mistake of staying awake until 4am, then waking up at 3pm the next day. This has led to an increasingly bizarre sleeping pattern which I attempted to fix yesterday by trying to sleep for 24…
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There are times when I find myself missing Madison. Old… Not often, mind you, but sometimes, in the snowy, wet mush of winter, the melting water pouring leadenly down stained and cracked concrete slab houses, heavy snowflakes landing with a moist smush on corrugated tin roofs of entirely disposable housing units, the slush of cars…
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Panda love

This one’s for you Miss Ninja! Merry christmas to all my loyal Panda fans out there. Panda love forever!!! Now listening to: “Chicane – Autumn Tactics” (one of my all time favorite songs… seems so appropriate, everyone gone, and just me standing in the overcast grayness of snowy Japan.) 8:34 am

Happy Emperor B-day.

errr.. or not. Most people in this country don’t even know his name. Things have been quiet here in the House of Panda (HoP) lately, which suits me just fine. Winter vacation is officially upon me now, though virtually every other ALT has already blown this frigid popsicle stand for places much warmer, including, but…
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New Year cards

In Japan, it is a custom to send out “Nengajyo” or “New Year’s greeting cards”. These are little cards you can buy (usually from the post office) for around 50 yen each, and then brightly festoon with a variety of your own designs, personalized greetings and set phrases heralding the coming of the new year….
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Born in the USA

A bit of panda news for all you Panda lovers out there. The baby panda born in the San Diego Zoo last August has officially been named! Awwww! Idn’t he just the cutest itsy bitsy widdle panda!? The 100 day old boy panda has been named “Mei Sheng” which is supposed to mean “Born in…
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Off to Tokyo

First of, a big thank you to all the loyal supporters of the House of Panda (HOP) (or would “tHoP” be better? it sounds funnier, at least to me…) for your suport. I am happy to report that I am still alive after my little misadventure with a marauding Japanese press gang and have thus…
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Back, finally

Well hello. My apologies to all the loyal panda-ites out there for my recent absence. It was just one of those weeks. To make up for my extended absence, I have for you today a story of how the forces of evil tried to run game on the House of Panda and abduct him for…
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Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I had a busy weekend. I promise I’ll post something by tomorrow night, including a riveting story of how the wacky Japanese forces of darkness tried to trip on the House of Panda. But for now, please enjoy a picture of a fountain from a nearby samurai house…
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