Monthly Archives: August 2004

Vodawhore Panda – Part II

“TSUMAAAANAAAIII YO…!!! KAERITAAAIIIII!!!!” (I’m sooo booorrreed! I wanna go back home…!!) I’m laying on the ground on my side, my hands held up on both sides of my face, fingers splayed out at both corners, eyes rolled towards the sky, my tongue hanging out as my feet kick around haphazardly in tune to the plaintive…
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Vodawhore Panda – Part I

Things have really been picking up lately – the last crop of JET newbies arrived in the prefecture about two weeks ago, and it’s been hectic trying to get them where they need to be, preparing for all the various seminars and conferences they have to attend this month, and also get settled in my…
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Busy August

The Osaka language seminar was a lot of fun. The actual classes weren’t so challenging, but there were a lot of interesting JETs from all over the country, which made things much more enjoyable. Group circle shot… If July was a busy month, August is all that and a bag of chips (as the expression…
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