Monthly Archives: October 2004

Panda travel adventures

[Lots of photos in this one, so it'll be a while if you're on dialup] 7 cities.  3 hemispheres.  58 hours travel time (that’s 2 1/2 days) 4 trains.  8 planes.  2 buses.  countless taxis, cars and seemingly eternal hoofing.  Several thousand dollars US.  Unimagineable jet-lag.  All in 10 days, which for perspective, is little over a week, and just…
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Remote Mobile Blogging Panda, take III

Apologies for the depressing timbre of the last post. Will try and make up for it in that way that only remote mobile bloggin pandas can do. Where is panda…!? In a happy, peaceful panda place!! This morning started out in typical Japanese fashion. See, I first received the phone call I talked about in…
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Reality Intrudes

I came home the other day to a suprise package at my doorstep – a big brown box from america, emblazoned with amelie mello’s name in the upper left hand corner. Yes indeed, the international panda exchange was on. I love panda packages from overseas!!! Excited, since I had had a rather rough day, I…
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