Monthly Archives: July 2005

The Prearranged Marriage Slip Up

My Japanese is so-so. I’ll be the first to admit that considering how many years of Japanese I’ve had, and how long I’ve lived in Japan, it should be a lot better. In my defense, I humbly submit the fact that when your major requires high level course work in genetics and molecular biology, Japanese…
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A Day in the Life of Panda – Part II

Having relaxed and destressed a little bit, I realized I was supposed to meet a friend in a little while, so I hopped back on the trusty panda peddlar and headed over to one of the local Starbucks. Yes – the Evil S. Way Out West – Stealth (Quivver Remix) Paul Oakenfold – El Nino…
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A Day in the Life of Panda – Part I

Having encountered a major case of writers block recently, I decided to do a couple of entries showing what I do on a typical day. Actually, the day in question happens to be Sunday, since if I showed you what I do Monday through Friday, you’d all probably die from boredom (ahh, I see, he’s…
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