Monthly Archives: February 2006

Kyoto Road Trip

This picture was taken atop the mountain at Iwatayama Monkey Park (see below) by a man carrying a broom and a slingshot. We were actually just looking at the monkeys when he snatched the camera from our hands and shoved us over towards the couple of fanged screaming simians you see on the branch behind us.
“You stand there. I take picture.”
“…b…but, those monkeys have fangs…!” we protest feebly.
“You stand there. I take picture.” he repeats, gesturing wildly with his slingshot.
Our gaze flips back and forth between the fanged death monkeys and the almost too ethusiastic looking japanese man with a slingshot and a well worn looking broom. Monkey death? Or slingshot to the dome?

Random Photos

It was worth it though, to see everything bathed in amber sunlight on the way back down. I’ve gone up and down this road a hundred times before, and each time thought it was ugly and filled with concrete. But like so many things in Japan, sometimes the beauty is hidden deep down inside of it, and you just have to catch it at the right angle to see it, I suppose.