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The Great Bike Theft of 2006

[In My Head]:: “Somehow, Scotland Yard, I’m not holding out much hope you’re gonna find my bike next week, let alone in 4 or 5 years given that your investigative technique to date seems to consist of drawing a map in crayon on a crumpled piece of paper and measuring the distance to random buildings. Not exactly C.S.I. up in this motherfucker, is it?”
[Out Loud]::”…ummm, if you find my bike in 6 years, you can just keep it as I’ll probably have bought a new one by then.”
“No, no, someone must take responsibility for the bike, even if just to pay for the disposal fee. More importantly, what about when we arrest the criminal? A case like this will remain active in Japan for seven years. If we arrest the criminal and send them to court, someone needs to press charges. If you’re gone, who will do this?”
“…umm, that’s okay, I don’t want to press charges. I just want my bike back.”


We finally stopped to ask a kindly mechanic who looked quite busy doing some sort of power drilling/water cooled saw-milling thing which in retrospect we probably shouldn’t have interrupted. He looked at our map for a second, then put to light all our confusion with one simple phrase:
mechanic: “You’re on the completely opposite side of this map”
me: “Now by ‘completely opposite side’ you mean…?”
mechanic: (pointing the way we just came from) “Go that way”
me: “Hmm. This explains a lot.”

Delphinium Days (Skyworship II)

I imagine he may have been thinking of days like this past weekend, when it seems like all you can see when you look up are endless expanses of blue – blue for which there are no boundaries – seas of soaring topaz, vast swaths of azure splashed with milk clouds, indigo pigments ground up and soaking into the parchment of the sky.
Such blue skies are like a perfect backdrop for the sharp intercut of the earthy relief of jagged man made constructs daring to jab upwards into the heavens with their razor sharp borders. Blues so encompassing, I couldn’t but help to put something concrete in each shot as if to remind myself I am still of this terrestrial life, as if pointing the camera straight up into the very middle of the blueness and pushing that shutter might be to lose yourself into the profundity of blues so deep they saturate the very silicon of the camera sensor and reach out with their siren calls to embrace you in their greedy swallow.

Sky Worship

People sometimes ask why I like tall buildings. This picture from the Mori Tower pretty much sums it all up.
More sky worship after the jump…