Monthly Archives: December 2006

Emperors Birthday

I look at her.

Panda: “Umm, do you need to check my camera or the camera case?”
Officer: (looking back at me) “Oh, your camera? No, it’s okay, you can take photos inside!”
Panda: “….”
Officer: “Just walk that way for the body check and then you can get in.”

Shrugging, I take my messenger bag and sling it around my shoulder, safe (and entirely perturbed) at the though that had I wanted to sneak a couple of tools of assassination into the palace, I would pretty much have just completed my mission successfully.

Christmas Eve, 2006

Ahhh, is it really Christmas Eve? I’ll tell you what, Christmas in Tokyo just isn’t the quite same as I remember it back in Wisconsin… the glass skyscrapers, endless stretches of twinkling concrete draped urban jungle… the amazing lack of any type of snow… Then again, I could sit and drink in the beautiful purples…
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No Chicken, No Life

Sign spotted outside a downtown Izakaya (Japanese-style bar). Hard to argue with this sentiment I suppose! Speaking of chickens everlasting – (actually, this has nothing to do with eterna chickans, that was a horrible transition) – I am planning on taking my new pretty baby out and about this weekend to take some pictures. Originally,…
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The Roundup

So as promised, here I am with a Roundup post to try and collect all the little tidbits of randomness that happened over the last three weeks I wasn’t posting. Thus, without further ado… Banana Republic Whore There’s like $50 USD worth of gift reward cards here… I’ve said it before, but I am a…
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Early Morning Photography

Off to Tokyo for some random adventures today. But first, some equally random early morning photos. Cufflinks and collar stays… God damn I love tiny furniture… This picture looked better uncropped. (Click here for uncropped version at different angle) Sigh… I need to get a Tilt-Shift Lens…

I’m not dead…

I am not dead. Now that that’s out of the way, let me apologize for having not updated for nearly a month. I have just been super busy and super sick for the past three weeks, which, when coupled with the boringness of the daily grind, makes for a distinct lack of new entries on…
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