Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Time Travelers Panda

Thank you all for the supar kind birthday wishes! An update is coming soon, just as soon as I finish up this busy week. And by “busy week” I mean watching nonstop zombie and/or vampire movies (seriously, I’ve watched 6 this week and it’s only Wednesday). The thing about zombie/vampire movies is that they have…
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Birthday Scarf Panda

There’s still a part three to the Great Tohoku Road Trip 2007 (parts I and II can be found here and here, respectively). But it’s taking me a while to get to it since I’ve been kinda down recently, and busy at work to boot. It was my birthday last week, the big 28, which…
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The Great Tohoku Road Trip – Part II

After our unsettling experience putzing around the smelly Gates of Hell, we cracked open the guide book and tried to figure out where to go next. “Hey panda, I’ve got an idea.” piped up KC as we headed away from the noxious odors of the sulfur fields. “How about visiting these temples in Yamagata?” “Sounds…
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