Monthly Archives: January 2008

Panda Strap

Alas, it’s been a busy week so I’ve not had a chance to write a post yet. Maybe this weekend? That is, after I decide whether or not to apply to law school next year. A deadline that is literally penciled into my planner for Saturday: “-take out recyclables -decide about law school -buy windex*”….
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Blue Skies over Tokyo (Sky Worship III)

Blue skies over Tokyo Yesterday was a brilliant blue day in Tokyo so I went for a walk with a friend to Harajuku to attend to some Hatsumode-ing, about 2 weeks too late. After we were done praying for happiness, wealth, or in my case, a real live baby panda, a box of new Legos…
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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008 everyone! It’s the year of the Mouse, for whatever that’s worth, so umm, I hope you all have a great mouse-themed year and don’t get too sloshed with the bubbly tonight I’m in a good mood at the moment – it’s the goyo osame end of the work year period so…
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