Monthly Archives: February 2008


So the lovely Miss YJ sent me this equally lovely cashmere scarf out of the blue last month and I promised I would send her a picture of myself vamping deliciously for the camera with it. And now, since I haven’t finished processing the pictures from last few weeks’ worth of adventures, I am going…
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Castles and Sunsets

I happened to have my camera with me as I was walking home yesterday, so I decided to snap a few pictures of that perfect time in day when the sky rapidly changes from the brightness of afternoon to the duskiness of evening in the span of like a half-hour. There’s only photographs in this…
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Unnecessary Automation

Sorry, there are not many interesting pictures in this entry, namely because people tend to freak out when you start taking snapping photographs in public bathrooms (you’ll see what I mean if you read this entry) But don’t fear! If you want pictures, check the entry right above this one, which I posted like 5…
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