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Nighttime in the Hood

nighttime in the hood

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some nighttime shots, so here are a few I took whilst walking around The Hood over the weekend.

Wednesday Night…

wednesday night in the hood

Just another Wednesday night in The Hood. Nothing particularly special to write about in this post, so for now, enjoy these random photographs. (and yes, I know I need to wash my windows in my kitchen!! haha

Painting with Light

Thank you all for your kind wishes in the last post. I really appreciate it! …So I took the LSAT on Sunday. In short, I don’t think I did as well as I did on the practice exams, but all is not lost. I was scoring quite high on the practice exams so even if…
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Sick Panda

So after making it through almost an entire year without getting sick, of course now – NOW – one week before the LSAT…! – I have to get struck down by a terrible cold and fever the likes of which I haven’t experienced in quite some time. I was passed out, fevered and unable to…
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Tokyo Blue Skies II (Sky Worship IV)

Damn, that title could have used some work, huh? *laughs* At first I was going to call it something like “tokyo upshots” but decided against it because that might bring in exactly the wrong kind of intarnets traffic… (see, ‘upshots’ can apparently also be used to describe (especially in Japan) the phenomenon of taking a…
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