Monthly Archives: July 2008

Of Pandas, Pears and Home-made Butter…

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Okay, it’s hot outside and I’m lazy, so let’s try something new here and go with the first ever panda videoblog – a rambling, laconic dissertation about pears, supermarkets and making your own butter at home (in case you ever wanted to).

Another Week…

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So, once again, another hot, humid summer week with nothing special to blog about except the rather exceptional fact that I am still alive. Exceptional, that is, because I am half panda and there are few things pandas dislike more than hot, humid, soul crushing Japanese summers. Ugh. You’d think that after 5+ years I’d be used to it. You’d be wrong. Jesus god, what have I done to deserve being baked alive everytime I leave the sanctuary of my air conditioned bedroom? It’s gotten so bad I now refuse to use the bathroom except when I absolutely have to – preferring to hold it rather than step into the smelting furnace that is my windowless restroom. (sexy, right?)