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2008 Autumn Roadtrip – Part IV

himeji and capybara

After was seemed an eternity of sitting in the unforgiving darkness, a disembodied voice floated out over the intercom, announcing the end of business hours and instructing anybody stupid enough to pay 500 yen to see these imaginary non-whirlpools to come to the front of the gate, or else face being locked in for the night and forced to ponder over their gullibility until daybreak. We glumly head back to the gate where the staff wave to us with a smile (a smile born of having fleeced yet another pair of suckers out of their hard earned yen, no doubt) and point us out towards the gift shop (AS IF!) and the door.

Quick Update


Howdy. Just in case you’re wondering what’s with the drop off in posting frequency over the past month, let me assure you it’s not because I’m abandoning the blog, but rather because I’m working hard to improve it. I know I’ve been talking about a site update for months now, but this time I really mean it. A 95% complete and functional version is running on my development box now, and I hope to have it live within the next two weeks.