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570 Days of Summer – Sky Worship VII

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The reason I even decided to calculate how many days of summer I’ve spent in these fair isles is that recently we’ve been having some absolutely kick ass summer weather in Tokyo (seriously, the skies have been ridiculously beautiful) and as I headed out the door to snap some pictures from the top of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills (one of my favourite photography spots) on a particularly fantastic – albeit sweltering – summer day, it struck me that this year I’ve been a lot more active this summer than in all the other summers past combined.

Summer Sunshine Redux

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>Being half-panda, I’m not normally a huge fan of the sweltering summer heat (we have a tendency to melt into little quivering heaps on the floor). However, every once in a while I find myself venturing out despite the heat and usually when I do I’m rewarded with some great scenery, generally of Tokyo’s gorgeous blue skies and concrete. This past week however, I thought I’d mix it up a little, and instead headed out to the countryside to hang with the lovely Bethann. We had a great time frolicking amongst the lush rice fields that are just now in their prime – I’d forgotten how beautiful they can be! (I used to live in a place that was filled with rice fields, but I wasn’t into photography back then so I never took any pictures of them – until now!)

2008 Autumn Roadtrip – Part VI


My exertion – which flung my donut-lion modesty towel from my body and set it floating about in the current towards an old man near me who instinctively recoiled in shock (whether due to its ratty cuteness or the obvious result its loss had on my modesty at the moment of maximum floating panda-outstretchedness) – proved to be successful (thank god) and I managed to secure a better grip on the edge of the bath and with another gutteral utterance, dragged myself towards it, whereupon I flopped in a most un-modest manner over the edge (woe be the person who got a peek at the full panda monty in the process) as if a drowned man crawling ashore having narrowly escaped death.