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Daikanyama Blue Skies – Sky Worship VIII

Daikanyama Blue Skies Poast

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Sky Worship post, hasn’t it? Besides Harajuku, Daikanyama has got to be one of my favourite little neighborhoods in Tokyo. I actually posted a few photos of the area last year, but it occurred to me that it probably deserved its own sky-themed post as well. In addition to all the great boutiques and cafes that line its streets, Daikanyama features (much like ura-harajuku) a ton of fantastic white buildings that look stunning against those blue blue skies of Tokyo that I love so much.


takao san post

I did however, decided to take a quick little trip over to Takao-san, a beautiful mountain in western Tokyo. It’s a popular destination amongst Tokyo-ites due to its proximity and also relative accessiblity – unlike Fuji-san, you can easily tackle it in a day without even having to get up early and you don’t need any extra gear. Its popularity is a double-edged sword however, because it’s often crowded on weekends and holidays, and I was a bit apprehensive to tackle it during Golden Week because I was pretty sure the place would be swarming with tourists. But that’s true no matter where you go in Japan during Golden Week, so without further ado, my lovely traveling companion and I decided to head over bright and early on a Monday, figuring that most people would have hit it up on the preceding Saturday or Sunday.