Monthly Archives: October 2010

Autumn Style I

maya aki lake

We just said farewell to summer so it seems only fitting to follow up with the first few pictures from autumn. It was beautiful weather last weekend (not this weekend though – it’s been so cold that I’ve already busted out my heater, two pairs of socks and thick winter blanket – and it’s only October!!!) so the lovely Maya and I headed over to a park for a lakeside picnic (consisting primarily of cinnamon rolls and other deliciously calorific bakery treats) and while we were there, I decided to get a few shots of her for the blog.

Reversible Destiny

reversible destiny mitaka excerpt

A while back the lovely Okapi and I ran across some pretty awesome looking Tokyo apartments on the internet. And it being delightful autumn weather recently, we decided last weekend we ought to make the journey out west of Shinjuku to take a look.

Farewell to Summer

one last day at the beach excerpt

One last day at the beach this summer… You can tell autumn is on its way… the water was colder, the skies a little darker, the sunshine a bit more chill than last time