Monthly Archives: February 2011

Studio Style II

bethann white studio shoot

Just a few shots of the lovely Bethann posing with some equally lovely capybaras in my little make-shift studio (consisting of a piece of white paper and a single flash setup) a couple of weeks ago. She was kind enough to grace us all with her lovely smile and patient with me whilst I fiddled non-stop with my flash trying to get the exposures down correctly. Fortunately the capybaras kept her entertained while I got everything figured out :)

Kamakura B&W

Kamakura B&W Post

Some photos from a day trip to Kamakura with the lovely Starbucks Girl last year in the autumn. It was perfect weather to visit Kamakura and despite the swelling crowds, we had a really wonderful day.

Studio Style I

maya white studio shoot

The lovely Maya. My first attempt at shooting something indoors within a makeshift studio. Shot with a Canon 580 EX II bounced off an umbrella, a reflector and a Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L. And a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Definitely the most important of all the equipment ;)