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Inatori Smallpox Ward

Inatori Smallpox Ward Haikyo Adventure

The actual place itself is obviously not on any maps; even the road which were described as being markers by which to orient yourself had long ago been subsumed into the ground, buried in a landslide after an earthquake decades ago, and replaced by a new, similarly-named road which ran in a different, misleading direction. As a result, it took us a while to actually find the place, involving a lot of driving back and forth through a narrow cliffside highway, and even a brief trepidatious detour down what was seriously the scariest tunnel I have ever been in in my entire life – pitch black, barred with fencing on one end, broken glass and debris everywhere, water (or something) dripping from the ceilings, a cave-in on the other side with only a single wavering shaft of thin fading light illuminating the end…. we half expected zombies or crazed murderers to come flying out of there at any point!