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So nothing exciting has been going on as of late, hence the lack of updates. That and I`m trying to save money to finally buy a computer, so I haven`t been heading over to the internet cafe so often. Ironic, isn`t it?
Random link of the day:
Endings for all those video games you never managed to beat…
Perhaps feeling the need to do something productive with my life, I went and signed up for some Japanese classes at the nearby international center. This has actually introduced a new wrinkle into my life, because I was informed there would be a placement exam this Friday, which leaves me all of one and a half days to review all those kanji I have forgotten in the past two years. This due to the fact that I was informed that “you should have at least a passing familiarity with high school level kanji” (ah, I should have signed up for the beginner class…).
outline map
to omit
to invade
And so on and so forth…. It`s just like college all over again, cramming a million obscure symbols into my head I will promptly forget after tommorrow`s exam, much to my detriment in future interactions, when I will find myself desperately searching for the word “invade” and will instead come up with something like “to go in meanly” or something. urk.
I have been tearing through books with a passion, now that I discovered that one of the libraries in town has a fairly decent selection. I fear what will happen when I set down the last precious paperback and realize that I have read every single english language book in the entire library (a completely plausible eventuality, given that there are only two (granted, rather long) shelves worth).
Okay, hope someone else`s life is more interesting than mine. Back to studying!
Now reading: “Thomas Friedman – Longitudes and Attitudes; The world in the age of Terrorism”
(I enjoy Friedman`s books, though he is somewhat guilty of being too “catch phrasey”.
It seems some, however, don`t hold him in such high esteem, as this review off of Amazon.com clearly illustrates:
Reviewer: A reader from Richmond, VA United States
Do yourself a favor. Rather than exposing whatever is left of your brain to more of the miasmic amnesia double-speak propaganda spewing from this zionist monopoly-medi sock-puppet, hit yourself in the head right between your eyes with a very large hammer. It will have the same effect.
And so there you have it folks. Point and counterpoint :) ) 1:27 am

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