Administrative note

I leave on the 26th of July. I have to be in Chicago on the 25th. My last day of work is the 23rd. Henceforth, the 23rd~24th shall be a period of excessive partying and drunken debauchery. Mark your calendars.
By the way, below is probably the most fantastically joy-inducing line I’ve ever read in an e-mail. From a message from one of my bosses in Japan:
One big, good thing about our school accomodations is that we are having five air conditioners installed in the biggest teachers’ room, where it was ery hot and muggy every summer.
The rest of you sweating it out in the sticky evil heat of japanese summers in un-air-con’d schools, eat your hearts out…! ;) *evil maniacle cackle*
You can bet your sweet bottom I’m going to firmly anchor myself under one of those coolers and dart out only for the barest minimum amount of time required to teach my classes then *woosh…!!* – I’m flying back in there with the quickness!
I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I’ll try and get on it in a more punctual manner.
Now listening to: “Aliz’e – J’en ai marre” (beatufiul song!! beautiful singer!! Yet another example of me hating on the french but shamelessly eating up their music…!)
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