Beach party

Yesterday was the welcome party for all the prefectural JETS in the prefecture. Not only was this all-you-can-eat-barbecue (and copious quantities of drinkage…!!) but it was at the beautiful and lovely Uchinada beach….!
Initial hopes were that the typhoon would either a) completely miss the prefecture b) die out by the time the party got started or c) magically disappear from 8pm until the very early morning, then return the next day.
The first clue that none of those eventualities were going to come to pass was probaby the fact that it was pitch black and whipping wind and water every which way by 6pm. Things only got more soggy from there ;)
For those of you who have never partied in a typhoon before, it is an experience which i highly reccommend. Sort of like a Robinson Curusoe sort of experience, only with inifinitely more opportunities to get washed out to sea (if you`re foolish enough to try and get in the black, seething ocean for a bit of a sloshed swim), burned (if you`re a crazed brit trying to jump over the red hot grill), impaled (running around with those yakitori skewers can be hazardous to your health in crowded environs!!) or otherwise seriously maimed (falling beach umbrellas, whipping pieces of lettuce (yes, the wind smacked some lettuce into my face. bizzare. i don`t think I`ve ever been bitch-slapped by a 65 kph flying piece of lettuce before. left a big, leafy red imprint on my left cheek.) etc.)
But mad fun anyway. Also a great chance to build up the much vaunted “human network” which is so critical to surviving here in Japan. Nothing says “future reliable business contact” like the sight of Tim running around with his wanker swingin in the wind, mayonaise liberally smeared up and down his thighs (with three increasingly frantic japanese girls shaking me by the shoulders begging me to tell them that it wasn`t what they thought it was. Sorry girls. But brits are weird that way *wink*)
Wish I had better pictures to put up. *sigh* I dunno how much longer I can live without a computer!
Thinking of taking a trip up to Hokkaido with a friend sometime next month. Sounds exciting!! As for now, I`m off to go rent some CDs. I need some music quickly!! I`m going crazy in my apartment, as all my music is in .mp3 form, and i only have a CD/MD player.
Now listening to: I swear the internet cafe is playing Belinda Carlisle downstairs…!
(oooh heaven is a place on earth…!!! *notices japanese people slowly backing away from him…*) 2:13 am

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