Birdies are progressing…

I don’t know what palm leaves look like, as you can tell…
For the record, I have exactly $0.44 (US) in my bank account right now (plus about 1700 yen I found in an old suitcase). I am leaving for Japan in 11 days. Hmmm….
Things I have to do in the next 11 days:
- finish selling most of my earthly belongings
- find some money
- consolidate my student loans / convince them to give me a deferment
- pack
- find some money…!!!
- finish this huuuuuge painting
- buy a wedding present and actually go to Scott’s wedding
- get a haircut / make myself actually presentable for JET
All this and I have to work everyday. Plus find some time somewhere to see all the people I may never see again ;)
*begins to worry*
Now listening to: “Franka Potente – Wish [Komm Zu Mir]”
Off of the “Run Lola Run” soundtrack – just re-watched that movie~!
6:16 pm

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