Boots and Letter Campaign

Hey happy April Fools day! Actually I completely forgot it was April fools day until my Japanese friend reminded me the other day. Being in Japan for an
extended period of time makes everything seem like a dream – you tend to forget about things like holidays, anniversaries, even your own birthday – anything
that marks and measures the progress of time fades away into the background until the days and weeks and months blur into one singular smear, a pleasant,
seductive haze that envelopes you and makes you forget who you were, where you were going or even what you’re doing here in the first place.

boots, desaturated

In lieu of a relevant image, here’s a picture of my doorway last night at like 1am

Sometimes when I’m feeling like a good allusion or two, I like to think of isles of Japan as a modern day incarnation of the island of the
Lotophagi (Lotus Eaters). Does this mean I’m the Ulysses of this epic little tale? Heaven knows I’m handsome and greek Adonis-like enough. (why
is everyone rolling their eyes?) The neo-hellenistic ideal of man panda, if you will.


Anyway, new blogs coming soon: rather drab looking (sky was hella washed out and gray) sakura (cherry blossom) viewing in Ueno, a new Sky Worship post
(mmm… tasty), and perhaps some more pictures of stuff at night. Also in the near future? A trip to the very awesome Studio Ghibli Museum in downtown
Tokyo, the tickets of which required jumping through a stupid amount of hoops to obtain.

matsuzakaya sakura panda

Actually Matsuzakaya the department store sucks but the panda advert is cute!

Michaelpanda 2007 Spring Letter Writing Campaign

Here’s the dealie yo. When I was younger, I used to love writing letters (like with pen and paper) to people. Lately, I’ve been getting back into it.
If you want a real live awesome letter from a half-human panda in Japan, on really cute stationary and decorated with even cuter japanese stickers, all you
have to do is send me your (mailing) address via the “Send me E-mail” link over on the right hand sidebar and I’ll put you in the queue! Oh and of course,
you have to promise to write back.

People already in the queue

completed!letter completed!
in progress!letter in progress!
waiting to be written!In the queue!

  • The Lovely Catarrh
  • Liz
  • Momo
  • Smurf
  • Bellish
  • Fudge
  • Veronica (package too!)
  • KC
  • Lina Got your request!
  • Gwen You got it my dear!
  • Ben I got you boiiii!!!
  • ……
  • Your name here!!

So what are you waiting for? Go go go!

Okay, off to get breakfast, Starbucks and study. Mmmm… Starbucks.

Now listening to: “50 Cent – Your life is on the line”

I came into rap humble, I don’t give a fuck now
Serve anybody like *****s who hustle uptown
Coke price go up, cats is come down
The D’s run in my crib, I’m nowhere to be found
*****s who hustle for me, they don’t even stash tracks
They keep it on ‘em, right there in they ass crack
When I don’t like a *****, I don’t pretend to
I’ll have the paramedics wrap your fuckin’ head like a Hindu
Look, I ain’t goin’ nowhere, so get used to me
OG’s look at me and see what they used to be
I’m that ***** that sold coke, the ***** that sold dope
The ***** that shot dice when he broke too
So So
The thug that pop shit
The thug that pop clips
The thug that went from three and a half to whole bricks
***** ain’t in his right mind, goin’ against me
My picture’s painted through words that make a blind man see

Scream murder! (I don’t believe you!)
Murder! (Fuck around and leave you!)
Murder! (I don’t believe you!)

Murder, murder! (Your life’s on the line!)

10 Reactions

  1. momo

    !! i’m just here for the month, so you can send it to my madison address!

  2. moritheil

    Japan, itself, is a seductress? Interesting.
    Also, we must arm pandas if for no other reason than to enable the fabled “eats, shoots, and leaves” joke to become a reality. :P

  3. ashan

    Am I dead yet, you ask? Very nearly there, Panda. Very nearly. I do hate this college business.
    I would love to sign up for this very wonderful letter-writing thingy, but repeated experience has taught me that I am utterly hopeless when it comes to written correspondence (my blog must give you some idea). T_T But — but– someone who writes letters! You have my admiration. :D

  4. emiree

    I bought an Easter Egg for you yesterday but when you brushed me off when I wished you a Happy Easter today, I decided against sending it to you….
    only joking..
    The post office is closed for the holiday so I have to wait until Monday maybe Tuesday to send it.
    Do I get an extra long letter if I send you a Easter Egg plus a letter?

  5. bellish

    Ah, it all becomes clear. Looking forward to my letter and promise I will write back!

  6. Lorelei

    Yay, letter from Japan! Sent you my address today. I guess you can’t ship one of those cute pink pandas to Germany, can you?
    Anyway, looking forward to mail (and cute stickers) from Japan!