Born in the USA

A bit of panda news for all you Panda lovers out there. The baby panda born in the San Diego Zoo last August has officially been named!
Awwww! Idn’t he just the cutest itsy bitsy widdle panda!?
The 100 day old boy panda has been named “Mei Sheng” which is supposed to mean “Born in the USA”, but as Wantin or any of my other chinese friends can attest, I am probably horribly slaughtering that name, so much so that my version probably means “Poster adhesive” or something.
You can read all about it: >HERE<
You can watch Mei Sheng and all his other super cute San Diego Zoo Panda buddies on their live, round the clock panda cam: >HERE<
As far as this panda is concerned, I’m starting to feel much better after my deathly illness. Good thing too, cuz’ tomorrow is one of those super long days. I can’t wait for winter break to start next week. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.
Now listening to: “Faye Wong – Wo Yuan Yi”
(what can I say, I’m feeling in a chinese-y sort of mood today. must be the panda :) )
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