Bunka no hi

Today was “Cultural Day” so no school. I didn’t actually do anything exciting today, however, on Saturday I went over to Kenrokuen park. As some of you may recall, my initial impression of Kenrokuen was somewhat less than spectacular (I do believe I referred to it as being “akin to a golf course”), nevertheless, as fall approaches, even golf-course like national gardens become awash in a veritable artist’s pallet of autumnal colors. I’m too lazy to write much commentary as my brain has finished leaking out my ears (I just finished correcting 26 adult class essays*) so please just enjoy a lot of pictures. Isn’t autumn such a beautiful time of year? I’m so happy… I wish I could go to Kyoto to see the autumn leaves…
* about 75% of the adult class essays managed to incorporate a desire for “world peace” somewhere in their body, despite the fact that the topics assigned had nothing remotely to do with world peace. It’s sort of a japanese lip service to vauge ideals that sound good to espouse, but which in reality they have absolutely no idea how to go about achieving. Almost every Japanese person on the planet will swear up and down that the Japanese people want to have “world peace” but truth be told, only so long as it doesn’t involve inconveniencing themselves or disrupting the unsustainable, artificial paradigm and mythos their society has swaddled itself in for the past 50 years. So in fact, the prevalance of the mention of “world peace” in the modern Japanese syntax is a phenomenon, like so many others in this country, that exists only as a superficial conceptualization with no real implications for fundamental cultural, societal or personal change. A big smack dab of meaningless tatemae for yours truely to sludge through every time he corrects papers. I wonder if other JETs also get the urge to throttle their students, or if it’s just me?
anyway, onto the pictures:
a beautiful stream running through the garden…
Panda tries out his best impression of Rodin’s work…
Some ladders lying unused next to some trees…
The water was especially clear and beautiful this day…
I have noticed that a LOT of Japanese kids can ride a unicycle!!!
The ropes are to protect the trees from the hood’s heavy snowfall.
Off to the right you can see ropes waiting to be installed over the trees.
A beautiful shot of an autumnal Japanese garden, sadly marred by a big white gaijin sitting in the middle of it ;)
A shot of the eastern part of the hood winding its way up into the hills.
Beautiful autumn trees, with a vermillion hue that flares when it catches the sun.
C.C. Lemon – 70 Lemon’s worth of Vitamin C and the choice of discerning pandas worldwide.
A park worker in action, setting up the ropes over the trees.
Now listening t “Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun”
(today was an especially appropriate day to listen to this song…)
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