Business trip

Back by popular demand – Mr.Handpanda belts out another karaoke hit!
The JET midyear conference is tomorrow, which means I should
a) be sleeping already
b) have dealt with the fact that I have no clean clothes already
c) probably have found the information sheet I lost earlier last week already.
and people say I procrastinate!! *harumphs* Well I never!
Anyway, I just didn’t want to leave it a whole week without an update – I promise I’ll write something and comment on people’s blogs on Friday when I get back. Heaven knows I’ll probably have lots of pictures of drunk people swinging from chandeliers, jumping in onsens, running around the halls stark nekkid, and all the other associate tom foolery that comes when you stick a bunch of 20-something year olds in a staid resort in the middle of the inaka for two days.
The machine cruelly dispells any illusions about my singing ability: I SUCK…!!!
Is it wrong to take pictures of your drunk friends doing stupid things and then publish them on the internet?
*wonders briefly*
Anyway, until then, I’ve updated the photo galleries. There’s quite a big set up from Tokyo (including Disneyland) and also a smaller one of Kenrokuen garden (some of which has already been posted on this blog before). Enjoy!! Photo Gallery
Now listening to: “DJ Rap – Good to be Alive (Deep Dish Remix)”
(You know, she’s pretty hot for a DJ…!)
P.S. I’m having a hard time coming up with a good name for Mistar Handpanda. (although I sorta think that’s a cute name, but for some reason, it makes me feel slightly pedophile-ish when I say it…) So anybody who has any good suggestions, please let me know!! Hey, it’s not everyday you get to name someone else’s Panda puppet!! (and if it was everyday, then I’d be seriously concerned…)
12:40 pm

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