Busting out the visa card..

after a hard weekend at work, I decided it was time to treat myself to a nice relaxing evening out of the town. So with dining guide in hand (as a curious aside, did anyone know that at least as of 3 years ago, madison wisconsin had (has?) the highest ratio of restaurants relative to population of any city in the united states?) I enjoined my friend Cathy to head out with me in search of a swanky dining establishment.
I’m not sure, but a blow-dried racoon appears to have been taped to my head…
We finally settled on Nadia’s on State street, which definitely filled the “swanky” quotient and then some. Let’s not discuss how much dinner ran us, suffice it to say mr.visa card was running scared afterwards. Of course, the whole evening was made all the more enjoyable by the four french men sitting in the dark lounge towards the back swirling goblets of cognac held firmly in the upturned palms of their hands, or else dangling precariously from elongated french fingertips as they discussed what I can only presume to be plans for some version of a gallic unilateralist takeover of the world power structure in hushed tones.
Despite our best efforts, we still couldn’t figure out what that grassy looking stuff was…
The food was excellent as well – succulent lambs and vegetable turrines and soups and “mesculan” salads (too fancy for me!) as well as silent waitstaff that ghosted out of the darkness to refill wine glasses with nary a sound, and once, frightening the hell out of me, causing me to spill wine on my lap. *sigh* What can I say, I’m a class act, huh?
My lovely (married…*sigh*) date for the evening.
Anyway, a fantastic dinner, and one which I look forward to doing again sometime, you know after i win the lottery. But as for now, it’s back to my standard McDonald’s dollar menu fare, as my wallet is feeling very, very empty right now.
Now listening to: “Paul Van Dyk – We are alive” (I want the big red couch from this video!!!)
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