Busy night

Pretty busy tonight trying to get my lesson plans all set up for tommorrow, so I’m afraid there’s no time for witty commentary in this post. *waits for people to sigh in disappointment*
Why are panda’s eyes so pretty? Read on and find out!!
I went out last night, and because I am so very piteously poor, I ended up nursing two drinks for most of the evening. I hate doing that because the bartender keeps asking you if you want another drink (translation: “stop wasting my counterspace buddy”) and you have to play it cool like “naw man, I like to draw out my rum-n’-coke experiences for hours on end”. You feel like an ass, but at the same time, that self-righteous indignation wells up inside – i mean, I shouldn’t have to drink!!!
*starts laughing*
wow. that was funny! ;) Who are we kidding here? Let’s face it – D.A.R.E. didn’t work for me!!!
Panda pontificates on the merits of no-clump mascara
Peer pressure can be funny thing. So can persistent badgering, which explains how I ended up with makeup all over my face. I would like to say it was an exhilarating experience, except that :
a) sadly, this is not the first time i have been duped into wearing makeup in public
b) upon seeing my face, the first thing Sophie exclaims is “Wow! It’s not very expertly applied, now is it?”
Yeah, that hurts. I mean, it’s one thing to try and make panda in to a bidan (“beautiful man”) (erm… bipanda…?). It’s another thing to muck it up and earn him public ridicule and scorn.
(Underneath my *cough* rugged, manly exterior *cough* lies a tender heart with feelings too, you know. As ‘Pac said – even thugz cry). (I love people who spell “thugz” with a “z”. Or those who spell “Asian” with a “z”. You know, like those kids that walk around throwing up signs yelling out “Phat Azian Thugz up in dis’ BIATCH!!”)
(end of bizzare tangent)
My cute X-mas tree!! Don’t have a couch/chair/desk/bed, but I have an xmas tree..
So to “thank” my friend for all the sarcastic comments her abruptly aborted career as a makeup artist yielded me, I give you this picture. Yes, I know I told her I deleted the first one, but through blindingly fast ninja-like slieght-of-hand I snapped another one while she was talking to someone else. You may thank me, C, that at least I was kind enough to photoshop it to make you less blindingly … pale. (^_^)v
Dude, I had to censor this picture, or else I would be one dead panda…
Don’t hate me!!! By the way, the lovely lady above is desperately seeking people to be her friend on friendster. (Apparently her intarweb pen0s is somewhat lacking in the digital homies department). So if you want to help a poor lonely girl out, (especially if your e-mail address is something like l33t-HaX0r-666@ aol.com) PM me and I can put you in touch with her.
Now listening to “Paul VanDyk – The Politics of Dancing (CD I)”
(Great album – I like to chill out to it when I’m cleaning the house. If my neighbors weren’t PVD fans from before, they sure are now!!)
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