Busy Work

I spent all of today getting aquainted with new depths of “busy work”. For 5 hours I did nothing at work except weigh metal pans, put cow forage in them, reweigh them, dry them out, weigh them some more, dry them again… well, you get the picture. Perhaps sensing that I was slowly going insane, my boss (who stole the only chair in the lab such that I was forced to stand for most of the day) asked me after lunch if I would like to do something else for the rest of the day. Covered in moist corn silage and alfalfa hay, with bits of roasted soy bean meal somehow stuck in my hair (and of course, this on the day when the cute cashier happens to be working at the Vet School cafeteria…), I lept at the opportunity – after all, what could be worse than this? (save processing rate-of-passage (read: “cow shit”) samples…). At this, my boss smiled in a most disconcerting way, and led me to a small, sterile white room off to the side. In the middle of the room was a desk (and thank providence! a chair..!). On top of said desk was what I later discovered to be 1600 copies of a manuscript published by the lab’s PI.
“Here!” she announced with much fanfare and a grandious flourish of her hand. “These need to be distributed around the country. But first, you need to stamp them so people know where they came from.”
At this, she whipped out one of those little name-stamping-thingies you always see for sale in the sunday newspaper inserts (usually on the same flyer that hawks those personalized checks you can get with cute pictures of baby seals or “uplifting inspirational scriptures’ on them).
“So… uhhh.. stamp away!” And then she left, leaving me alone in a small white windowless room with a name stamper and 1600 manuscripts sitting in front of me.
Someday, I keep telling myself, I will look back on these days and smile.
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