Can’t think of anything to write…

i’m trying to get up the energy to write a long winded post on social injustice and all that mess. so far, without much luck.
went out yesterday with the lovely kimiko *waves hand at kimiko as she’s reading this*. I nearly embarrassed myself by commenting in japanese how drunk this one blonde haired blue-eyed white lady was , only to have her turn around and protest that she was not, in fact, drunk – in japanese.
I’m glad I didn’t comment on her ass or something!
I guess it just goes to show you that you never know who is gonna be able to speak a foreign language…!
Nothing interesting going on in my life. I need sleep.
Now listening to: “Do as Infinity – New World (album mix)”
As an aside, there are few things sillier than their “Tookumade” video – Somehow the waifish Van Tomiko really doesn’t cut it as a war hardened member of the japanese army…
(I’m pretty sure that no one has any clue what the hell i’m talking about – kazaalite folks. kazaalite.)
5:47 pm

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