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Ooyama Mountain Adventure

Ooyama Mountain Adventure

Sigh. Was the last time I blogged really 2 months ago? Real life (and work) will do that to you, I suppose. I’ve actually taken quite a few photos over the past 8 weeks, but have been sitting on them since I haven’t had time to process them. But what time better to start than the present? A few weeks ago the lovely Satomi and I decided to get out of the city for a bit and headed over to Oyama-san in neighboring Kanagawa prefecture for some mountain air and a bit of autumn leaf peeping.

Street Style IV

Tomoko Daikanyama Photoshoot

Along with this, one of the questions I’ve been trying to answer recently is whether it’s possible to take a good photograph (or at least one in the style I prefer) – out on the street in under 7 seconds a shot. Well I mean, of course it is, but rather is it possible for me to do that, and to do it consistently? It’s easy when you’re in a studio, with external lighting, stable environment, and a host of assistants, but out on the street, with shifting conditions and lighting and an unpredictable background (and sometimes foreground!), it can get a lot trickier.

Takao-san Redux


Golden Week officially began last Friday, which meant it was the perfect time for an impromptu one-day excursion to nearby Takao-san with the lovely Becca. Surprisingly (or not, I suppose, given the events that have transpired over the last couple of months) the mountain was a lot less crowded than usual for Golden Week, which made for a lovely, leisurely, non-stampede-inducing ascent.

Kamakura B&W

Kamakura B&W Post

Some photos from a day trip to Kamakura with the lovely Starbucks Girl last year in the autumn. It was perfect weather to visit Kamakura and despite the swelling crowds, we had a really wonderful day.

Autumn 2010

Autumn 2010 Poast

And while in an ideal world these pictures of leaves would be accompanied by some pithy, neigh-poetic text about the beauty and splendor of autumn penned by yours truly, I’m afraid that this is a) not an ideal world, b) I am not nearly so poetic these days (or really, was I ever, though I was considerably more emo-angsty as a young panda) and c) I spilled coffee on my shirt this morning and whilst I washed it out (and ended up buying a new one with sleeves that are too short because the clerk didn’t measure me correctly and I foolishly trusted her without double-checking) I still smell like coffee and it is discombobulating my groove and preventing me from thinking about anything save taking a shower.

Farewell to Summer

one last day at the beach excerpt

One last day at the beach this summer… You can tell autumn is on its way… the water was colder, the skies a little darker, the sunshine a bit more chill than last time

Ocean Style I

Ocean Style I

This past monday was Ocean Day and so to celebrate, I thought it only fitting to make a trek over to the beach to take in some sun, sand and of course, beautiful blue summer skies. A lot of my photography to date has centered around pictures of the sky and buildings, but recently I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire by taking more photos of people. So with that in mind, I coerced the lovely Bethann and Maya into coming along to the beach for a summery ocean themed photoshoot.



It’s been a while since I’ve been in a car with the lovely Risapie (in fact, I believe the last time was some 7 years ago!!) but last weekend we found ourselves in a car headed to a very rainy Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) for a lovely overnight trip to the beautiful Fujigoko area out west of Tokyo. It’s the middle of the rainy season here and as luck would have it, it rained all weekend AND I forgot my umbrella… things weren’t all bad, however, I ended up getting some pretty nice photos of a cloud-covered Mt. Fuji which make for a nice change of pace from the usual blue-skies postcard-type shots.

Daikanyama Blue Skies – Sky Worship VIII

Daikanyama Blue Skies Poast

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Sky Worship post, hasn’t it? Besides Harajuku, Daikanyama has got to be one of my favourite little neighborhoods in Tokyo. I actually posted a few photos of the area last year, but it occurred to me that it probably deserved its own sky-themed post as well. In addition to all the great boutiques and cafes that line its streets, Daikanyama features (much like ura-harajuku) a ton of fantastic white buildings that look stunning against those blue blue skies of Tokyo that I love so much.