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Studio Style III

Tomoko White

A few leftovers from a studio shoot a while back with the lovely Tomoko…. in somewhat unrelated news, I crave a 70″ octobox like nobody’s business. Too bad my apartment is literally too small to be able to use one.

Studio Style II

bethann white studio shoot

Just a few shots of the lovely Bethann posing with some equally lovely capybaras in my little make-shift studio (consisting of a piece of white paper and a single flash setup) a couple of weeks ago. She was kind enough to grace us all with her lovely smile and patient with me whilst I fiddled non-stop with my flash trying to get the exposures down correctly. Fortunately the capybaras kept her entertained while I got everything figured out :)

Kamakura B&W

Kamakura B&W Post

Some photos from a day trip to Kamakura with the lovely Starbucks Girl last year in the autumn. It was perfect weather to visit Kamakura and despite the swelling crowds, we had a really wonderful day.

Studio Style I

maya white studio shoot

The lovely Maya. My first attempt at shooting something indoors within a makeshift studio. Shot with a Canon 580 EX II bounced off an umbrella, a reflector and a Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L. And a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Definitely the most important of all the equipment ;)

Reversible Destiny

reversible destiny mitaka excerpt

A while back the lovely Okapi and I ran across some pretty awesome looking Tokyo apartments on the internet. And it being delightful autumn weather recently, we decided last weekend we ought to make the journey out west of Shinjuku to take a look.



I debated for a while whether to title this a Sky Worship post or not, but in the end decided that it wasn’t focused enough to merit the title. Actually, there’s not much to this post in general. I stopped by Kichijoji the other day, one of my favourite neighborhoods in Tokyo to take a few photos with a friend. This random smattering of pictures is the result.

Daikanyama Blue Skies – Sky Worship VIII

Daikanyama Blue Skies Poast

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Sky Worship post, hasn’t it? Besides Harajuku, Daikanyama has got to be one of my favourite little neighborhoods in Tokyo. I actually posted a few photos of the area last year, but it occurred to me that it probably deserved its own sky-themed post as well. In addition to all the great boutiques and cafes that line its streets, Daikanyama features (much like ura-harajuku) a ton of fantastic white buildings that look stunning against those blue blue skies of Tokyo that I love so much.

Tamachi Skate Park


It was beautiful weather last weekend (rare, given how freezing it’s been this winter) and to take advantage of the opportunity mother nature had seen fit to bless us with, a friend and I grabbed our cameras and headed over to the Tamachi neighborhood of Tokyo to snap a few shops of some skater boys doing their thing at the local skateboard park.

Helvetica + Moleskine


I first heard about the Helvetica Moleskines when they were offered at an exhibit on Helvetica at the La Foret museum in Harajuku a year or two ago. I really, really wanted to attend, but alas, this stupid thing they call work that lets me pay the bills prevented me from making it in time, and the exhibit closed, and with it my chance to lay hands on one of these precious notebooks. And for a while, that seemed like it was it. A few copies floated around here and there, but it always seemed like just a few too many hoops to jump through for a notebook (as much as I wanted one).

The Hard Light Blowout and Nuno Napkin Extravaganza

hard light

You’re probably wondering about the title of today’s post. Well, I’ve been playing around with “hard lighting” in some of my photos to give them a darker, more atmospheric feeling. I’ve accumulated a few over the past couple of months, and decided to post them all in one big entry so I can clear the deck for new photos in future posts. Hence the “hard light blowout”.