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Random Photos

It was worth it though, to see everything bathed in amber sunlight on the way back down. I’ve gone up and down this road a hundred times before, and each time thought it was ugly and filled with concrete. But like so many things in Japan, sometimes the beauty is hidden deep down inside of it, and you just have to catch it at the right angle to see it, I suppose.

Cold day

A three day weekend here in the land of the rising sun (though not so sunny today, as you will soon see). Actually, it’s Monday, which sadly means I have to go back to work tommorrow. Panda is tired, and desperately needs one more day to recharge before jumping back in the grind. To this…
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Boys, girls and autism

Ran across an interesting article on autism and gender the other day: Now listening to: “Scarface – Smile” (What`s up with all the old-school westcoast tracks?!) 7:30 am

Gendercide and Mass Killings of Men

Gendercide and Mass Killings of Men The phenomenon of gendercidal killings of males has attracted no formal attention in the international relations or peace studies literatures, my own tentative efforts aside; but the I.R. literature does, perhaps, provide a paradigmatic case of gendercide against men. It is the ‘Melian Dialogue’ that closes Book Five of…
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This is a fascinating webpage to read when you have some time. It is an area in which I am particularly interested. Going hand in hand with my previous post about the draft , I found these case studies on forced military conscription particularly fascinating. The difficulty with [Warren's] framing of gendercide, though —…
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The Draft

I know this is rather old news, but I had wanted to mention something about it for some time, and with the current situation in Iraq now seemed as good a time as ever. As some of you may know, on January 7th, 2003, Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) introduced into congress a bill which proposed…
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