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Sunday Skies – Sky Worship VI

sunday blue skies

Speaking of taking more pictures, I happened to be out in Shinjuku last Sunday doing that whole “make the most out of my time in Japan” thing when I lucked into some of the most beautiful blue skies I have seen to date. I say “lucked into” because the weather forecast from the previous day said it was supposed to be gloomy and rainy all day – and it was anything but. I pointed my camera upward and just started snapping away at the always imposing Takashimaya and its fantastic concrete and steel skyward projection.

Vietnamese Chicken Panda

So I wasn’t going to post any more food pictures, but this was just too delicious to pass up. Last Sunday I woke up with the strange urge to buy the (Product)RED version of the iPod shuffle for some reason. (I wake up with the strangest urges at time…) Anyway, the only place they are…
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Top of the Morning

It seems like such a shame to spend 30 minutes dressing up nice and getting ready for work in the morning just to head out the door and have it all ruined by the combination of wind, rain and heat which conspires to turn one into a wet, tussled, sweaty mess in a matter of…
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Snow Panda

Haha, in all the years I’ve kept this blog, I don’t think I’ve posted as many photos of myself as I have in this entry (and the previous one). Is the panda blog turning into a venue for indulging my inner narcissisist panda? Oh my goodness, look, I can never spell that word. Narcissist. Ha….
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So the lovely Miss YJ sent me this equally lovely cashmere scarf out of the blue last month and I promised I would send her a picture of myself vamping deliciously for the camera with it. And now, since I haven’t finished processing the pictures from last few weeks’ worth of adventures, I am going…
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Panda Strap

Alas, it’s been a busy week so I’ve not had a chance to write a post yet. Maybe this weekend? That is, after I decide whether or not to apply to law school next year. A deadline that is literally penciled into my planner for Saturday: “-take out recyclables -decide about law school -buy windex*”….
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Tatami Nap Panda

Mmmmm…. I could nap in this spot of sun forever. I’m going to Nekobukuro later on today for the hell of it, so I figured I might as well get my practice in cat-napping before I depart. What a beautiful Autumn day! And here’s what’s currently playing, if you want to recreate this incredibly lazy…
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Morning Tea

A bit too busy to write a full length post today, but one will be forthcoming soon. In the interim, a picture of some creepy half-naked Kewpie Mayo Babies that suddenly appeared on my breakfast table the other day. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t post a random picture of my…
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Mongolia Panda

So one of my lovely Kiwi readers (have I told yow how sexy I think the New Zealand accent is?) from the Land of the Long White Cloud left the following comment on my previous blog poast: this isn’t really related, but can you post some more pics of your panda collection? the ones in…
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Panda obsessed…

That having been said, when there’s cute pandas at stake, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. So after asking/guilting/forcing my friends and/or co-workers to assist me in my great undertaking, I started making the rounds at the stores and in the end, when all was said and done, I ended up buying some 40+ bottles of namacha.
Yeah. 40 bottles.