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Nishi-Rokugo Tire Park

Tire Park Blue Skies

Originally I was going to climb a mountainand get some nature, but I’ve had the striking misfortune of being sick all week (this is actually the second time I’ve been sick in less than a month, wtf?!) so I figured that probably wasn’t the wisest idea in the world. And with the temperatures being what they were, I wasn’t sure venturing somewhere outside of Tokyo would be a good idea either, so instead I opted to stop by the Nishi-Roku Tire Park in Kamata.

Ocean Style I

Ocean Style I

This past monday was Ocean Day and so to celebrate, I thought it only fitting to make a trek over to the beach to take in some sun, sand and of course, beautiful blue summer skies. A lot of my photography to date has centered around pictures of the sky and buildings, but recently I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire by taking more photos of people. So with that in mind, I coerced the lovely Bethann and Maya into coming along to the beach for a summery ocean themed photoshoot.



I debated for a while whether to title this a Sky Worship post or not, but in the end decided that it wasn’t focused enough to merit the title. Actually, there’s not much to this post in general. I stopped by Kichijoji the other day, one of my favourite neighborhoods in Tokyo to take a few photos with a friend. This random smattering of pictures is the result.

Daikanyama Blue Skies – Sky Worship VIII

Daikanyama Blue Skies Poast

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Sky Worship post, hasn’t it? Besides Harajuku, Daikanyama has got to be one of my favourite little neighborhoods in Tokyo. I actually posted a few photos of the area last year, but it occurred to me that it probably deserved its own sky-themed post as well. In addition to all the great boutiques and cafes that line its streets, Daikanyama features (much like ura-harajuku) a ton of fantastic white buildings that look stunning against those blue blue skies of Tokyo that I love so much.

Yokohama Birthday Bash – Part I

yokohama birthday bash

It was my birthday the other day, and slightly depressed over slowly inching towards “old old panda” status (not yet, but it’s coming…), I decided to go to Yokohama with some friends to celebrate and take my mind off the ever-present press of time. As frequent readers of the pandablog may know, I love roller coasters with a passion. I’ve been to most of the big ones in Japan, but for some reason hadn’t been to Cosmo World in Yokohama yet. So that’s where we went, followed by a delicious all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in the neighboring Chinatown.

570 Days of Summer – Sky Worship VII

excerpt image

The reason I even decided to calculate how many days of summer I’ve spent in these fair isles is that recently we’ve been having some absolutely kick ass summer weather in Tokyo (seriously, the skies have been ridiculously beautiful) and as I headed out the door to snap some pictures from the top of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills (one of my favourite photography spots) on a particularly fantastic – albeit sweltering – summer day, it struck me that this year I’ve been a lot more active this summer than in all the other summers past combined.

Sunday Skies – Sky Worship VI

sunday blue skies

Speaking of taking more pictures, I happened to be out in Shinjuku last Sunday doing that whole “make the most out of my time in Japan” thing when I lucked into some of the most beautiful blue skies I have seen to date. I say “lucked into” because the weather forecast from the previous day said it was supposed to be gloomy and rainy all day – and it was anything but. I pointed my camera upward and just started snapping away at the always imposing Takashimaya and its fantastic concrete and steel skyward projection.

Monorail Blue Skies (Sky Worship V)


Another summer day, another beautiful round of blue skies in Japan. There’s a few pictures and a quick blurb about photography tricks in this post, but if you want some other content, I just posted another article talking about an upcoming road trip this autumn. Go check it out by click here, or else checking below.

Tokyo Blue Skies II (Sky Worship IV)

Damn, that title could have used some work, huh? *laughs* At first I was going to call it something like “tokyo upshots” but decided against it because that might bring in exactly the wrong kind of intarnets traffic… (see, ‘upshots’ can apparently also be used to describe (especially in Japan) the phenomenon of taking a…
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Blue Skies over Tokyo (Sky Worship III)

Blue skies over Tokyo Yesterday was a brilliant blue day in Tokyo so I went for a walk with a friend to Harajuku to attend to some Hatsumode-ing, about 2 weeks too late. After we were done praying for happiness, wealth, or in my case, a real live baby panda, a box of new Legos…
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