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Studio Style III

Tomoko White

A few leftovers from a studio shoot a while back with the lovely Tomoko…. in somewhat unrelated news, I crave a 70″ octobox like nobody’s business. Too bad my apartment is literally too small to be able to use one.

Street Style IV

Tomoko Daikanyama Photoshoot

Along with this, one of the questions I’ve been trying to answer recently is whether it’s possible to take a good photograph (or at least one in the style I prefer) – out on the street in under 7 seconds a shot. Well I mean, of course it is, but rather is it possible for me to do that, and to do it consistently? It’s easy when you’re in a studio, with external lighting, stable environment, and a host of assistants, but out on the street, with shifting conditions and lighting and an unpredictable background (and sometimes foreground!), it can get a lot trickier.

Street Style III

Street Style III

The lovely Satomi posing for a few casual shots as we wandered the back streets of Jiyugaoka stuffing our faces with donuts, ice cream and veggie burgers. It was supposed to be rainy and cloudy over the weekend but we were blessed with a few hours of surprising beautiful blue skies and cool breezes so we decided to make the most of it!

Studio Style II

bethann white studio shoot

Just a few shots of the lovely Bethann posing with some equally lovely capybaras in my little make-shift studio (consisting of a piece of white paper and a single flash setup) a couple of weeks ago. She was kind enough to grace us all with her lovely smile and patient with me whilst I fiddled non-stop with my flash trying to get the exposures down correctly. Fortunately the capybaras kept her entertained while I got everything figured out :)

Studio Style I

maya white studio shoot

The lovely Maya. My first attempt at shooting something indoors within a makeshift studio. Shot with a Canon 580 EX II bounced off an umbrella, a reflector and a Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L. And a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Definitely the most important of all the equipment ;)

Autumn Style II

autumn style II post

The lovely Bethann and Tomoko posing for a few shots on a gorgeous autumn afternoon. Not much to this one: a reflector (expertly wielded by the lovely Maya) and the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L is all she wrote in terms of equipment. Oh and a stick in case that evil goose from last week returned to start some dramas. (I’m not even joking yo.)

Autumn Style I

maya aki lake

We just said farewell to summer so it seems only fitting to follow up with the first few pictures from autumn. It was beautiful weather last weekend (not this weekend though – it’s been so cold that I’ve already busted out my heater, two pairs of socks and thick winter blanket – and it’s only October!!!) so the lovely Maya and I headed over to a park for a lakeside picnic (consisting primarily of cinnamon rolls and other deliciously calorific bakery treats) and while we were there, I decided to get a few shots of her for the blog.

Farewell to Summer

one last day at the beach excerpt

One last day at the beach this summer… You can tell autumn is on its way… the water was colder, the skies a little darker, the sunshine a bit more chill than last time

Yukata Style I


I originally wanted to post some more photos of the awesome blue skies we’ve been having over Tokyo this summer, but first, I thought I owed a post to the lovely Kaka-chan. I know I’ve been really remiss in posting updates to the blog – I got super busy at work, and then my friend came to visit, and then it got up to like 36 degrees C in Tokyo and I think I passed out for like 2 weeks there from the heat. *sigh* I know, I suckz at teh bloggan.

Street Style II


The lovely Beckz. Shot on and around the streets of Jiyugaoka and inside of the delicious Sweets Forest and Spoon Bread Cafe because she graduated pastry school, so naturally we had to hit up some cake shops.