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Tiny Planets

tiny planet

Spring is slowly making its way to Japan (even though today was a freezing cold day), and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather last week to make some so-called “tiny planets” pictures. Most of these pictures were taken in the vast Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa, out West of Tokyo. You might remember this park from a visit I took last Autumn, pictures of which you can see here

Monorail Blue Skies (Sky Worship V)


Another summer day, another beautiful round of blue skies in Japan. There’s a few pictures and a quick blurb about photography tricks in this post, but if you want some other content, I just posted another article talking about an upcoming road trip this autumn. Go check it out by click here, or else checking below.

Unnecessary Automation

Sorry, there are not many interesting pictures in this entry, namely because people tend to freak out when you start taking snapping photographs in public bathrooms (you’ll see what I mean if you read this entry) But don’t fear! If you want pictures, check the entry right above this one, which I posted like 5…
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Crayon Post, the Time Lapse Video

Somebody asked me how long it took to make the Crayon Post I put up the other day – well as it happens, I was wondering the same thing at the outset, so I had set up my camera to record a time lapse video of the process, which you can view below. This pretty…
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Night Photos and Naughty E-mails

Which brings us back to the present, and this gigantic very explicit pornographic image plastered on my screen, right smack dab in the middle of a crowded Japanese office…!

“EERGLPPPFFFHHH!!!!!” I squeak out an incomprehensible sound as my mind begins to register what the frick is happening. “OH MY CHRIST!!!”

“OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD!!!” I stammer-yell to myself as I realise I’m on a Mac and that shortcut doesn’t work. Instinctively I move to hit “window” plus “l” which on a PC will blank your screen and bring you back to the security log on. Guess what it does on a Mac in Entourage. It “refreshes the message list”, which means it has just refreshed this gigantic set of pornographic boobies displayed in my e-mail screen.

Applepanda – The Switch

Okay lots to talk about so let’s get right into it. Last Wednesday I was at work tip-typing away hard core trying to plow through all the stuff I had to finish before the end of the day when my computer – loyal companion for the past 3.5 years – suddenly fritzed once, heave a…
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Movable Type Livesearch

I Ever since the last major redesign, I’ve really wanted to add a “livesearch” function to the site. Up until now, all site searching was handled through Google via the “site search” box over on the right. It works okay, but the Google search page is not only pretty ugly, it also serves up ads and some not-so relevant results (for example, giving category pages instead of specific entries). What I wanted to do was something akin to what Dunstan did on his amazing 1976design blog – a live search that returns dynamic results that change according to what you type into the box. If you’ve ever used the iTunes search function, then you’ll know right away what I’m talking about.

Sunny Road Trip!

On the way back we passed by this random 35 foot tall statue of a Tyrannosaurs Rex growling fearsomely at a curve in the road, apparently as an enticement to come visit the nearby dinosaur museum. What is mildly amusing about this picture is the sign beneath the T-Rex’s feet. It reads:
“Are you driving safely?”
And all I could think was “No, man, a goddamn dinosaur that just scared the shit out of me when I rounded the blind curve here! What do you expect!!?”