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Quick Update


Howdy. Just in case you’re wondering what’s with the drop off in posting frequency over the past month, let me assure you it’s not because I’m abandoning the blog, but rather because I’m working hard to improve it. I know I’ve been talking about a site update for months now, but this time I really mean it. A 95% complete and functional version is running on my development box now, and I hope to have it live within the next two weeks.

Cold Tokyo Days

cold tokyo

It’s been cold and sort of gloomy off and on recently in Tokyo. There have been some intermittent days of sunshine as well, but for the most part it’s just been that long, dull, slow drag through the middle of January.
I know I haven’t updated in forever, but that’s because I’ve been working on the grand site redesign I’ve been talking about since last year. As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t updated my moblog in almost a year, primarily because the script that powers it just sort of stopped working one day. Unfortunately, that script is written in Perl, a language I don’t know, so that kind of was that.

More Zoo Pictures

I should probably start a category just for closeup pictures of animals making funny faces, because there are few things as amusing to me as animals staring into cameras. I don’t know why. Is that weird? There is not much to this post besides just more pictures from the zoo (hence the title – I…
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The Roundup

So as promised, here I am with a Roundup post to try and collect all the little tidbits of randomness that happened over the last three weeks I wasn’t posting. Thus, without further ado… Banana Republic Whore There’s like $50 USD worth of gift reward cards here… I’ve said it before, but I am a…
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Movable Type Livesearch

I Ever since the last major redesign, I’ve really wanted to add a “livesearch” function to the site. Up until now, all site searching was handled through Google via the “site search” box over on the right. It works okay, but the Google search page is not only pretty ugly, it also serves up ads and some not-so relevant results (for example, giving category pages instead of specific entries). What I wanted to do was something akin to what Dunstan did on his amazing 1976design blog – a live search that returns dynamic results that change according to what you type into the box. If you’ve ever used the iTunes search function, then you’ll know right away what I’m talking about.

Busy webcoding panda…

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been plowed under preparing for a presentation I have to give next month in Tokyo to several hundred fellow teachers from all over the country (can you say “nervous”!?). I’ve also been busy as hell rewriting the local JET website from scratch. Now that it’s almost done, I…
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Coming along

An old house I pass on my way to work everyday… Apparently the last color scheme I picked was too dark to show up on some people’s monitors. (*in a huffy voice* “which obviously means you need to calibrate your monitors…!”) So I’m working on it now. I’m not sure how I feel about this…
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Site update

I am so exhausted right now. I hate Thursdays – no matter what I do, by the time 9pm comes around, I’m dragging myself through the motions. I feel really bad for my night course adult students – I am being a shitty teacher, and I know it. It’s painfully obvious to all of us…
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