Cleaning my room.

Now cleaning my room. Our washing machine is working again, so I can finally stop wearing the same pair of pants for a week in a row…! Very little in my room doesn’t need a thorough washing at this point. Actually, my room needs a very thorough cleaning, so I suppose I should get on that. I nicked some vanilla insence from downstairs and am now attempting to inject a little bit of (vanilla?) scent into the musty air, but actually it just smells like a burning coffee can (why i know what that smells like is beyond me). Since I have nothing better to report, i suppose I’ll just put up a link to Greggman.
12:16 pm

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    omg… you drop me just one eprop?! one right back at you
    Posted 3/12/2003 at 7:42 pm by calyxscorner