Crayon Post, the Time Lapse Video

Somebody asked me how long it took to make the Crayon Post I put up the other day – well as it happens, I was wondering the same thing at the outset, so I had set up my camera to record a time lapse video of the process, which you can view below.

letter writing in progress!

This pretty (HDR) picture of Shibuya, Tokyo is a sneak peek of the next upcoming post…

The video itself is a 4.5 MB quicktime (.mov) file, so it will take a little while to download. If for some reason you can’t view the video below in your browser, here is a direct link. [See details below. 05.09.2007] For the record, it took about 10-12 hours in total (I forgot exactly) over the span of two days to make that post from start to finish, though as you can see in the video, I clearly stopped for some TV and pizza breaks.

Hoorays! Time lapse video!

(i replaced the original quicktime file with a flash version because the original wasn’t showing up for some people and at at 4.8MB was killing my bandwidth. you need the latest version of flashplayer to view it.)

Other than that, not much else is new! It’s Golden Week here in Japan, but of course I got stuck with a ton of work to do for next Monday, which makes me so happy I could stab someone in the face (starting with Captain Goochsweat). Oh and also the weather is getting warmer and I forgot I had all these holes in my screens, so my house is being invaded by bees and other unpleasant creatures because I left my windows open to enjoy the beautiful weather. *sigh*

Letter Writing Campaign 2007, Update III

Yeah, so umm, I’ve been slacking when it comes to letters. The list remains unchanged from my last update, but I am just posting this so you all know that I haven’t forgotten about you ;) I’m writing more letters today, I promise! Just look at this sunny window with the table and stuff all set up beside it! Perfect for letter writing!

letter writing in progress!

People already in the queue

completed!letter completed!
in progress!letter in progress!
waiting to be written!In the queue!

  • The Lovely Catarrh
  • Liz
  • Momo
  • Lorelei!
  • Fudge
  • Smurf
  • Bellish
  • Lina
  • Gwen
  • Veronica (package too!)
  • KC
  • Ben
  • ……
  • Your name here!!

Hope everyone is well!

Now listening to: Yung Joc – 1st Time (featuring Marques Houston & Trey Songz)

Once again, a youtubelink, so watch it while it’s still up!

68 Reactions

  1. lina

    hi panda
    it is nice to know that eventualy i will get a letter hihihi.
    your clip doesn’t work on my computer, not even clicking on the link… buh

  2. felix

    wow, nice time lapse video! it takes a lot of forethought to put that together. i like the way you keep on picking up and putting down your keitai.
    did you scan or photograph your drawings afterwards?

  3. Gwen

    can’t wait to get a penada letter! ^^
    i see youre still in love with MonokuRo Boo; me too!!
    can i be uber cheeky and ask if you could find some konpeitou for me; i’ll send you something back! :3
    talksoon :)
    simple is best! ;)

  4. Ben

    Geez… where the frick is my letter!? Just kidding. Take your time dude. By the way, you’re home has a pretty nice view!

  5. kitty

    im mesmorized by the keitai usage in the video. thats all i could focus on. i wanna make a video too! how do i do it? I wanna watch me sleep.

  6. coolnahalf

    youve been taking a lot of nice photos recently. i really like them. the lighting and clarity of them seem to remind me of sunday mornings sipping tea in the japanese winter sunlight. and yeah, they’re cool.
    anyway, ive been meaning to try doing hdr pictures but cant find the motivation or a free version of the software.

  7. Shay

    ooooh, I love me some time lapse video footage! This officially seals the deal — the CRAYON POST was a MASTAPIECE! GOOD WORK DUDE, wow :D

  8. lizb

    it won’t work for me either. i will figure it out later i am too tired/lazy right now ahaha. i like how you have a picture of people sitting at a table on your computer..sitting at a table. yeah i notice these things! hey is there anything else you’d like me to send over? i just have that one little surprise. just tell me i will do it!!

  9. Veronica

    Wow, that time lapse is superb!
    I’m glad I am on the list, looking forward to it.
    (I thought I was lost with your bike!)

  10. moritheil

    Awesome pics. One hopes that the armies besieging your home do not include mukade . . .

  11. Emiree

    I promised I was going to write a comment yonks ago but i got seems my email isnt working for some reason. Im expecting a couple of photos and they havent come yet ;)
    Anywho..just wanted to add, you’re very artistic when it come to crayons. A crayon picture in every poast would be awesome.
    Send me a pic soon :)