Digital Dream Panda

Now sitting in Kansai airport with Tennis waiting to pick up her friend.

In the ultimate geek wet-dream come reality, I am being a truely remote mobile blogging panda with my super sleek little computar connected to the wireless network here.

The thing about living out this ultra sophisticated high tech digerati fantasy is that all the hardware in the world won’t neccessarily help you if you have nothing to write about.

I have writer’s block, so this post will consist entirely of this picture. Umm… enjoy.


Panda living out his digital dream.

Oh yeah, and the Japanese language institute thing is going okay. Boring, really.

Now listening to: Asian Kung-Fu Generation – “Rashinban”

One Reaction

  1. moritheil

    I guess that’s a “boring is good” boring. Good to see that things are going well.