I actually have been slacking a little bit when it comes to posting, not because I have a dearth of things to write about (quite the opposite, actually) but because a) I had a big test to study for earlier this month and b) after I finished that I became incredibly lazy and sloth-like because 1) it is the holidays and 2) it is cold as heck at the moment and this being Japan, my apartment is neither heated or insulated. See what I just did there? I did a numbered list inside of a lettered list inside of a run-on sentence containing 6 different conjunctions and 1 set of parenthesis. Am I awesome with the English or what?


(Umm, jumping a bit ahead of myself here. The farm pictures are after the “keep reading” link)

Anyway, it was just Christmas the other day but first I have a huge backlog of pictures and stuff to get through, so let’s just get started with the farm pictures. So a while back I was going to one of my favourite temples with a friend (my first visit back since the infamous face-smashing I received at the hands of a bean-flinging sumo wrestler earlier this year)when we got sidetracked and ended up on a farm. We then proceeded to engage in a laundry list of farm-like activities in the middle of Japan which just goes to prove that you can take the boy out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the boy. Fortunately for you all, I took pictures, so now it’s like you too were on the farm! Hoorays!

Killer Sheep

My friend, beware of the sheep. For much like the deer in Nara koen, these seemingly cute and cuddly creatures will flash mob you and bring you down in a frightening flurry of wooly ankle-biting fury. And for gods sake, whatever you do, when you run out of food to feed them, run – RUN – for your life!



Animal Portraits

I suppose even animals enjoy a bit of mugging for the camera from time to time. The guinea pig at the bottom is freaky as all hell, but I swear to you, this is a real guinea pig, straight as it came out of the camera.




this poor (tiny) little horsie was so hungry he was eating the fence!



This totally reminds me of Dramatic Prairie dog (click the link and you’ll see).

Milking a Cow: a play in three parts


The approach.


The milking.


The aftermath (she enjoyed it, methinks)

Cam whoring for a better tomorrow

My mother is always complaining that I never put up pictures of myself on the blog (you see mother, when I’m the one with the camera it usually transpires that I do not end up in the shots I take), so to get her off my case, here are a bunch of pictures that demonstrate reason one why I should never be in front of a recording device for any extended period of time – chiefly my inability to resist making stupid faces or poses to be photographically preserved for posterity and the everlasting shame of my ancestors.

At least she should be lucky that I didn’t borrow a page from my homegirl Pia and post an angsty self-portrait of myself sitting on a countertop in a skimpy tanktop for the whole world to see. (note: before you all rush off to click on that link, she took down the picture because her mother was mortified, that’s just the aftermath post. This is just to illustrate a point. Which is that I’d better not hear any more parental moaning about lack of self-portrait pictures on my blog, or the next shot I’m posting is of me in a tanktop lounging on a countertop. Believe that sexiness, ya’ll.)






a camwhore!!


And just so this isn’t totally about me, I should probably post a picture of my lovely travel companion.


And everything else I was too lazy to put into a category.


Note play area just off to the side


Omigod, the cheese on these burgers was so delicious…!


An old man cooking preparing an eel for our dinner

Okay. That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed quickie I’m-too-lazy-to-write-something picture post. The farm was fun. I want to go again sometime.

And to thank you all for reading and because I feel guilty for not writing much of substance, you may enjoy the song that I am currently playing on my computer. Because nothing says “farmlife” like some good old fashion gangster rap.

Happy holidays and more posts to come soon!

Grafh – I don’t care (feat. Splitt)
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  1. felix

    Happy Holidays! I love the fact that farm life in Japan involves archery.
    How was the JPLT?

  2. Lorelei

    New glasses? Neat!
    Happy Holidays to you!
    (It is still Christmas here in the land of Arnold, those Austrians like to celebrate every single Catholic holiday they can find).
    Graz is looking better and better to me – we just found an awesome, very oishii and incredibly cheap Japanese restaurant downtown. Can you say tabehoudai? (^-^)v

  3. SabineM

    Gorgeous photos! Love the close up!
    And boy, NICE COAT!
    I have been lazy too since Christmas (about getting online that is). This house now has a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii and we have been playing it non stop. All of us are sore and tired… aches and pains! Wii Olympics are great!

  4. Tokio

    I like your coat~
    And nice pictures, they make me want to get out of the house and go do something.

  5. lizb

    i love farms! that guinea piggie is too cute! we used to have 5-6 of them at once. it was crazy! i miss them. :(
    (ps i didn’t get why you thought the picture was funny, so i watched the dramatic prairie dog video ahahahh. wait i’m going to go watch it again. and that reminds me, i spent around 3 hrs the other day watching videos of budgerigars/parakeets talking. the holidays are nice!)
    i have a christmas card for you! is your address the same? i always get confused…

  6. monique

    michael! merry christmas and happy new year, well western new year, i suppose. i miss you, call me sometime. much love.

  7. Jacinda

    Michael, Michael, what becomes of the Wisconsinite in you? I drive past those same animals everyday on my way to work, that you visited on a mini-trip. Happy New Year! Check your email.

  8. online games

    farmlife eh..? well, no doubt why i can’t relate to this one..since my father is a farmer…life in the farm is so good at all.. at first kindah grosss but then i became fond of being in the farm after all..