Finals week II

sorry for the lack of updates, this final exam week has been hell… i look like i’ve been stranded on a desert island for a year…
anyway, i came home last night from the library around 3am and found that my roommate dave’s door was open. I peeked inside and found this:
Dave is a great guy. But let’s just say that being tidy is not his forte. I just wanted to share this all with you. For whatever reason (most probably due to the fact that i had spent the last 5 days locked in a flourescent light-filled library) (i hate flourescent lights!!!) this struck me as incredibly hilarious, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, it’s like something you seen in a cartoon!
some random library pictures (for i was bored and couldn’t think of anything else to do besides study…):
Oh sure, it doesn’t look so busy, but keep in mind that this is at 2:30 am….(plus i had to take it on the sly, so i couldn’t get the really busy areas, lest i get beat down by 130 irrate classmates…)
In a moment of sheer desperation when doing my Technical Japanese II final (“Genetic Recombination” with no vocabulary list…!!!), I called in a couple of favors…(seeing as how i was getting nowhere and it was due in about 6 hours)
Poor, sweet Yumi…! What has this evil panda done to you…!? Here Yumi stares in disbelief as three dictionaries (plus our two electronic ones) struggle, creak and groan as we throw words like “site specific recombination”, “isomerization” or “bunnshitenidou” (something like “branch point propogation”) at them. After looking at this picture of Yumi trying to puzzle through my less than comprehensible translations, I feel like such a bad person…! However, after several hours of hard work and constant cross-referencing across various dicitonaries (and a last-minute review of the mechanisms of recombination in english) (thank god for google!), we managed to get it done….. sort of.
Anyway, I’m off to bed. One more 20 page paper is all that stands between me and the sweet salvation of graduation. So close…. but yet so far….!!! (>_<)
4:41 am

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