Friday morning Ryoko Hirosue montage

Nothing starts Friday off better than gratuitous shots of Ryoko Hirosue…
(I swear every japanese ‘idol’ has done at least a million pictures with this pose.)
And, as long as we’re posting up (sexy?) pictures, Bill wasn’t feeling the love and insisted i put his big pasty white ass (mercifully concealed by some baggy jeans) up for the whole world to see. So here you go, Billy.
Hmm… let’s see. Gratuitous cheesy pics of actresses nicked off of other sites, and a frightening shot of a friend’s ass. This has definitely not been what I would term a “quality” post. I apologize, I’m still sick~! I promise I’ll make it up later with something of substance.
Now listening to: “Jurassic 5: Concrete and Clay” (digging through some long lost .mp3 folders…)
11:21 am

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