This is a fascinating webpage to read when you have some time. It is an area in which I am particularly interested.
Going hand in hand with my previous post about the draft , I found these case studies on forced military conscription particularly fascinating.
The difficulty with [Warren's] framing of gendercide, though — and this is true for the feminist analysis of gender-selective human-rights abuses as a whole — is that the inclusive definition is not matched by an inclusive analysis of the mass killing of non-combatant men. Gendercide Watch was founded to encourage just such an inclusive approach. We believe that state-directed gender-selective mass killings have overwhelmingly targeted men through history, and that this phenomenon is pervasive in the modern world as well. Despite this prevalence of gendercide against males — especially younger, “battle-age” men — the subject has received almost no attention across a wide range of policy areas, humanitarian initiatives, and academic disciplines. We at Gendercide Watch feel it is one of the great taboos of the contemporary age, and must be ignored no longer… [Excerpt taken from here.]
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