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I had a wonderful dream last night about being stranded on some island off the coast of Thailand, where I hacked out an impressive little bamboo hut and mini-civilization out of the nearby jungle and spent the days soaking up the sun and the nights staring out at a pristine starry sky (like the one scene in “The Beach”). Of course, we all know that in reality, I wouldn’t survive more than two days out in the wild before being eaten by a vicious tiger, wild boar or squirrel (cross reference my run in with the animal-sci-bldg’s feral squirrel guardian). But it was a wonderful dream nevertheless…
Well, it’s Friday. Today people start flitting ff to all manner of exotic locales for spring break, while I, in the grand tradition established over the past four-and-a-half years, remain in Madison and work my poor panda butt off to make some of those ‘dead prez’ i be loving so very much. I think I could get by without working so much if I didn’t have such expensive tastes (i.e. super cute gadgets, clothes and periodic tickets to japan)…
Meanwhile, even my much vaunted trip to Green Bay has been delayed, at least for a little while, until I run over to the lab and make some media plates for the arabidopsis transformants we’re trying to score. While normally making media is one of the more mundane and boring tasks in life, it’s made slightly more enjoyable by near-irresistable urge I have to nick some agar and pour it into various bodies of water (someone’s coffee, toilet bowls, kitty’s water dish…), then hide in a corner and watch the hilarities ensue. For those of you not so privelaged to have had the experience of making media, basically agar is like the solidifying substance in jello – if you put it in a liquid, in short order you will no longer have a liquid, but rather a gel-like liquid substance (mainly in kit form). When I used to work in the nursing home, we used to have this (cornstarch based) powder called “Thick-It” which could be used to pour into a resident’s drink to make it thicker and thus easier for them to swallow it (we could spoon feed them the liquid, as some of them had poor facial muscle control and thus had a hard time drinking). I had once poured an entire packet into my friend’s milk while she wasn’t looking, and the resulting gellatinous milk mass was quite disgusting to witness. What was even more disgusting was when an unsuspecting Mary picked up said milk and ended up with one of those “milk mustaches” you see in the posters, only hers was real and very very gooey. (^_^)v
I read somewhere that if you pour jello into a toilet bowl and let it harden, it would make a tremendous practical joke. I think that agar in a toilet bowl would achieve similar results, and consequently it’s one of those “devils on one shoulder, angel on the other” affairs whenever I’m around it, as I have to struggle not to just grab the entire kilogram bottle and go pour it in the hort building toilets.
Joe and Victoria (seen here smoking up creepy bronze indian lady) have run off to Seattle for spring break – I have been promised a post card, though what I really want it some sort of memorabilia from the Rock and Roll hall of fame. It’s not that I’m so much into rock n’ roll as it is that I wish to decorate my room with the same sort of faux-americana-kitsch that comprises TGIF’s interior decor.
Okay, enough rambling, I have to go to work.
Now listening to: “BT (w/ Tori Amos): Blue Skies (Delphinium Days remix)”
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