Genetics 566 Final

Problem I.
In the Zhong et al paper (organogenesis section), the authors show that the injection of wild-type gridlock mRNA at early stages can rescue the aorta formation defect present in homozygous mutant gridlock embryos. The authors also show that the grl(m)145 mutation results in a change in the stop codon, which extends the protein by 44 amino acids. Wild-type mRNA rescued 26% of genotypically mutant embryos, while grl(m)145 mRNA rescued 55 of genotypically mutant embryos.
If the grl(m)145 mutation reduces the function of the protein, why does injection of mRNA coding for this mutant produce result in significant (albeit low) rescue?
*sigh* technically, this is the last test i have to pass before officially earning my genetics degree. Alas, i have no idea what the answer is. Perhaps it’s because i never read the Zhong paper. Or the Campbell paper. Or the Hunt paper. Or went to class…… the lesson to be learned here, folks, is this: do not ever bring your children to me for genetic counseling. I am quite likely to diagnose them with muscular dystrophy or achrondaplasia when in fact all the have is a cold. 12:49 am

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