GETS panda!

Super cute pandas just waiting to be GETS’d…!
M came down to visit this past weekend, which happened to coincide with the coming of one of the worst snowstorms in recent history. After spending almost 8 hours on what is normally a 2.5 hour train ride (train got stuck due to snow), she was pretty pooped and we ended up spending most of the weekend inside, which was just as well seeing as how it had stopped snowing and had instead switched over to raining jagged shards of ice from the heavens.
M shows off the spoils of my success…
We did manage to go out for a little while, which is when I snag a super cute addition to my rapidly growing panda family! On the first try, no less! So for all of you who doubt that anyone ever wins anything from those UFO catcher games, let my success embolden you towards giving it a try. You never know when you might win…!
Proper analysis of prevailing panda conditions ensures a high chance of success.
The rest of the GETS PANDA series can be found at my (currently under construction) website:
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